Windows becomes the Xbox

Uh oh. Looks like Microsoft is trying to bring their XBOX Live pay-for-every-little-thing system to Games for Windows. (new name for PC Windows games) This was probably their main goal for the Games for Windows system. Their dream is probably to make money from every single game put out on the PC. You want to allow people to play your game together over the internet and have that Games for Windows logo? Better make it Live compatible. It’s for your own good. Thanks. You want to play PC games over the net with your friends? Just the little matter of subscribing to Live for a nominal fee. I’ve taken the liberty of embellishing the text from their Games For Windows Live page.
“In 2007, Microsoft will bring the LIVE gaming and entertainment network to Windows users. What does that mean? Money for Microsoft! Imagine a world where a single online identity worked on your PC and your XBOX 360, with you giving us cash for the whole thing! Where you can see your friends online for a small fee, send them messages or invitations for a small fee and even play with them across Windows and XBOX for a small fee. ThatÂ’s what LIVE gaming is all about. “

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