Zen Sleek Photo

The Creative Zen Sleek Photo does not allow you to bookmark a playlist! Only a single track! Insane! Terrible when you want to have one bookmark for your podcasts or ebook, and another for your music or something. Resume from your bookmark, and it plays the rest of that mp3 but forgets where it is in the playlist. Grrr. Otherwise, the Zen Sleek Photo is like an iPod, but much cheaper. The easiest way to set it up is to go through Windows Media Player 10. (Yeah, I love that.) Apparently, showing it as a simple USB drive and allowing drag and drop of mp3 directories was not in their plans. (I guess this has too much power overhead? Dunno.) Access in your pocket for volume and pause is difficult, because it doesn’t have much of any tactility to determine where the buttons are unless you’re look directly at it. Anyway, what’s the main advantage of the Zen Sleek Photo? Price.

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